Jesus overlooking Jerusalem ~ A man of sorrows aquainted with grief ~ New Artwork by AveHurley

Jesus Overlooking Jerusalem

Recently I was asked to do a mural in a church in Lock Haven Pa.

They wanted a mural depicting the title.Included they wanted to incorporate some of the thoughts that Jesus may have been experiencing while alone on the Mount of Olives looking across the Jordan River, where he was baptized 3 years earlier.It was sunset and his time was coming soon to be the lamb of God.

He pondered why Jerusalem always kills her prophets when doing the will of God. He longed to gather his people together to himself as he knew they would too suffer for the sake of the gospel.

He looked at the temple and knew it was going to be destroyed in 70 AD and with clenched fist, knew that he was going to defeat satan.

He prayed for his followers that God would keep them through their trials.He was a man of sorrows aquainted with grief, but he knew that in the end he would stand victorious and a new Jerusalem would come down from the sky where he would one day reign as the King of kings.

All this went into the planning and creating of the mural and from the digital images I took when it was completed, I was able to create new digital paintings which I now have been printing as high resolution , high quality giclee printings that I am now introducing online and offering for individual sales.

Jesus, a man of sorrows. This is a close up digital painting stemming from my mural. It has been completed in my digital art program and printed via giclee inkjet high resolution, high quality individual prints that I make and sign myself.

This is available in framable prints & cards and ACEOs/ATCs from my art shop on Etsy.

This is the entire scene with a different face also done digitally.

This is the completed digital painting that is available in sizes up to 13 x19 inches. It is available on Ebay currently as well as on Etsy.

My ebay id is “avehurleyillustrations” if you want to check my current auctions out.

I hope you like these paintings and feel inspired by them!



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