ArtRave is evolving as a new resource for promoting decent Art worldwide~!
ArtRave: Ave Hurley Illustrations ~ Featured Artists Network
I have been learning how to advertise, make banners, do simple html, java etc. and as I do I make a blog or a forum that shows how to do it so others can be helped as well. It is not easy for most artists emerging online to show & sell their art. With so many huge POD’s sucking up all the profits & banner ad co’s charging so much per click, it is very costly to get known online ~ except when you learn how to do it yourself~!

Thats what I have been doing for the last 3 years & now share what I have been learning with other artists & crafters FREE. After all I am an artist first & foremost & looking to sell my own art.

Sharing my network with other artists, provides more choices for the viewers to be able to decide what they will to buy.

If my art isn’t what they want, perhaps they will want something one of my member artists has available.

I believe there is strength in numbers and the more artists that join my network to display & sell their art, the better it is for them & also for me, in the long run.

Viewers benefit as well, since we as artists are not having to spend a fortune on advertising & promotional costs, which save the viewers money if they choose to buy any of our arts, crafts or prints.

While I spend countless hours promoting my own art, it is just as easy to include others for variety. The only thing that might be considered any sort of drawback with seeing so much great original art from around the world is I then forget to promote my own work sometimes, lol especially as I find artists whose work o surpasses my level or scope, so that .I begin to focus on promoting that artist instead.

I love art & promoting good clean family friendly art~!
I now have over 283+ fellow artists & counting who are from all over the world and do amazing artwork~ showing & selling their art through my network !!

I want ArtRave to be the place where viewers of all ages can safely come & see fine quality art.

You will not find any form of nudity or unsuitable art on any of my networks, as all work is pre-approved to be family friendly. That’s my promise to viewers~!

Since I work hard creating ways to promote & advertise, for those artists who for whatever reasons do not have the time or enough skills to follow my lead, I can do it for them,for a nominal price to offset my own costs & continue building the ArtRave networks system.

While anyone can post their art into the Categories for sale, free, IF they wish to post into My ArtRaveGallery which includes transportable slideshows for viewing & posting anywhere on the net, that takes alot of bandwidth which I have to pay for.Because of this, all artists that have galleries on my site now have to pay for the usage.

Upgraded Members can have up to 60 pictures in Gallery & separate it topographically into 3 galleries for $3 a month. If they want to have up to 200 pictures they need to pay $7.95 per month. This is very nominal.

With currently less than 5,000 pictures on sight and having had over 30,000 unique visitors, ArtRave member artists already average more traffic than artists on larger sites like FineArtAmerica~!

The unique profile page for members has added features that enable html & javato help them to set it up as their own website within the ArtRave Networks, which can serve as a hub for all their online activities & include links to all their other websites , shops & auctions.

Believing in n the traffic generating, advertising power of cross promoting, I have also set up an Artists Directory of the most popular Art POD Sites online. If a member belongs to any of those sites, they can put in direct links to their stores, shops, auctions & blog sites.
This enables viewers to go to their other sites directly from ArtRave ~!

I am currently working on creating banner advertising sites that will be for the top 100 artists of each genre & category. Comparable banner advertising costs an average of $99 per year plus up to $.35 per click, which would be VERY costly and is beyond the budgets of most emerging artists and each banner can only serve 1 site. Artists also would have to supply their own banner or pay an other company to create one for them to use.

My alternative to this form of banner advertising is a renewable annual subscription of only $25 with FREE per clicks~ which could save thousands of dollars a year in advertising while accomplishing the promotions of the artists.

My Top 100 Ad Campaign is already taking shape too. & some members have already signed up. Each banner site can hold up to 100 banners for the category they are set up in. Once filled, no more applications are accepted unless a member drops out at the end of their subscription year. I will create a total of 101 sites to which the 101 will be a banner listing of each of the 100 planned category banner ad sites. Therse then will be placed on permlinks all over the internet and can potentially draw hundreds of thousands of viewers to each banner each year which can lead to more more sales for the artist while getting them known and established online..

To multiply the effectiveness, I also offer a landing page for the banner which I call “Boutiques” on ArtRave, where the artist can post all the links they have to everything they sell online~!!

This brings the viewer who clicks on the banner to everything the individual artist is doing and enables the viewer to make their purchases on any of the artist’s sites, such as Zazzle, Fine Art America or Redbubble to name a few..

ArtRave Boutique pages cost as little as $20/yr for a basic set up. [but I can customize them with added features as needed for a nominal fee].The artist can even have a simple button paypal checkout system installed enabling customers to pay them directly~!! Again the artist is now selling commission free, direct to their customer~!

Some artists can print their own art or have POD sites do it for them where they make an average of 10% for pictures sold.

On ArtRave I can do individual giclee printing for members, while paying full price for my materials, I can still keep prices competitive with the POD sites and yet give the member 30% of any sale of their work in print form.

Unlike most POD which make a member wait sometimes for years to receive their royalties which have to reach $25-50 before being paid out~ [ my own experience with Imagekind owing me $24.75 for over 3 yrs now~!]

I release their money to them in credits as low as $10 and will release smaller amounts on request, usually within 24 hours of the completed sale.

I work for the artists benefit first and foremost.I even can facilitate lower cost wholesale printing for members with with ‘Vista Prints’ through my account or referral , OR the member can join Vista through my link and set up their own account to do it themselves.

As for me personally, I paint land & seascapes in miniature, up to mural sizes~ life size & large as well as architectural illustrations in pen & inks, sign painting & make theatrical play sets on occassion. by commission.

I also do promotional advertising for other artists all over the net who upgrade their memberships!

All Members are invited to show & sell their art FREE in the ArtRave Categories, which is published all over the internet~!

There is even more happening on ArtRave, so much that it may even confuse some members initially, but if they begin to ask questions in the forums and in the comments sections of the turorials, I can address them and answer openly so others with the same questions can find the solutions.

So, Please Visit me at my network~!



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