My art print site can be used by anyone wanting too make their own prints for private use or resale

Professionals or Amateurs or Hobbyists

Anyone can use this to print anything you want at wholesale prices- Family Pics, favorite scenes~ Make all types of items with your pictures to make Christmas gifts~! Over 800 printable items to choose from –

Pets in Danger~ Flea Drops Kill Cats~

Just select item & upload your picture to get a visual representation of what your item will look like – then click and buy if you want or share URL to friends that may want to buy your pics and you can make money easily with nothing to put out in advance.

I own the site franchise so I set it all to ‘wholesale’ to make it available to anyone wanting to make quality print items and save money at same time .

Check & compare to other print sites to see how much cheaper it is to make quality items at a fraction of the cost~!

THEN POST THEM ON FACEBOOK Groups & Pages and on:

YOU do the MARK UP to RETAIL when SELLING your items~!

Ave aka Art Rave

ArtRave on the Go~!!

Contest ~WIN~ FREE Signed ARTIST Original PRINTS- thru 7/15 HURRY~!

As part of my new emerging artists’ website launch promotions , I am sponsoring a FREE Album Comments Contest thru July 15th. Winners to be announced on July 20th~

There will be 5 prizes given out in the following categories, simply by leaving a comment on the album cover page of any album on the site~ Currently over 70 to choose from with over 1300 pictures in all by over 128 international artists including myself~ All comments count as entries~

I am also giving away FREE ArtPrints, just go to the site and click on FREE ART for details~

Artists are welcome to Join FREE and participate in the Contest!~
Winning Album [other than my own] will be featured on the front page in August!That is the Album with the most comments will be the main event for the entire month!

Comments from viewers and artists alike are eligible~! All ages can participate as my site is a safe family friendly site with all artworks personally pre-approved by me as safe & suitable for viewing by all ages! No limit on entries~! However only one winner per person in any category~

Prizes will be awarded for:
1] random comment pick – like a lottery – this winner will be blindly picked ~
2] most comments ~ whoever makes the most comments on the Albums will win~
3] funniest comment- whoever makes the funniest comment [non-derogatory of course] wins!
4] notable comment- whoever makes the most notable comment wins this!
5] most helpful comment – whoever makes a comment most relavent to the improvement of the subject – a critique- will win this one~

Comments can be short or long, even one word when appropriate!You dont have to be an artist to be able to comment although artists are encouraged to comment as well, on their own works as well as on each others~!

Each prize will be worth at least $25 an will be given from my own personal art collection of my own artworks ~ cards, postcards, prints etc and will be signed and dated along with a Certificate of Authenticity and printed award of winning the contest~

Just go to : and help me and other emerging artists to make our presence known on the worldwideweb!

Acknowledge our art and maybe while you are there, you will see something that you are interested in that you may want to buy from any of our artists BUT no purchases are necessary.This contest is strictly FREE for promotion of my newly launched website~!


Ave Hurley