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Pets in Danger~ Flea Drops Kill Cats~

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Pets in Danger~ Flea Drops Kill Cats~

With flea season upon us we all look for easy ways to help our pets be free of the pests that can in turn infest our homes and cause us humans to also be bitten and contract illnesses as a result.

One of the most popular ways to treat fleas on our pets is with Flea Drops~ What I didn’t know about this horrible treatment was that thousands of cats and dogs are permanently injured and many die from even a single drop of this terrible treatment which should be banned~

Manufacturers do put on small benign disclaimers that it can be harmful if swallowed of absorbed through the skin as it is potentially lethal to humans as well. They contend that only 1:10,000 are affected, however the more I research it now after my own horrible experience with it nearly killing my pet cat, that those numbers are misleading and meaningless to all those who have faced the devastation that these drops cause.

My puppies finally became old enough to go outdoors, so naturally began to pick up fleas and brought some into the house where my small cat caught them.She has never been outdoors on her own, so these pests really were causing her discomfort and constant itching from the bites.

She had a flea collar [also a debatable form of treatment as it causes hair loss and loss of luster in an animals coat, since the collar contains poisons that are absorbed through the fur into the skin and glandular system] so after treating the puppies with ‘flea drops’ I decided to put 2 drops on the back of my cat’s neck, thinking it would help her~

3 hours later, she was foaming at the mouth, disoriented, seizing and convulsing as though she had rabies or something. I then thought of the 2 drops I had put on her and looked up online [wish I had done that first before ever applying those drops]
to find out that 1000’s of cats & puppies are actually poisoned by these drops and it KILLS THEM~!

She was dying and writhing in pain, looking at me for help and I felt horrible that I was the cause of her discomfort because of those damn drops~! I tried to catch her and wash off the spot where I had applied them, but she was starting to lose consciousness and had very labored breathing as she stared at me in terror, mouth foaming and tremoring all over.

Naturally stuff like this occurs after business hours so as I called my vet was unavailable, so I called other vets, all closed, but one vet called back saying he had a Vet Tech going to check on animals at his hospital at 10pm [about an hour from the call] and that we could go to his animal hospital and wait for her, so we did.

Desperately, we caged our cat and went to the animal hospital, fearing she would die before help arrived.Finally the Vet Tech was there and began immediate treatment which included bathing the cat with Dawn Dish Detergent to break down the oil that help the poisons on the cats fur~

Ialso brought the empty tube of Flea Drops, in case the doctor needed them to help in diagnosis and treatment. I didn’t bother to ask for it back, not knowing the manufacturer would have paid for the vet bill !! Now I can’t make any claim for reimbursements ~

Next my cat was given IV therapy to prevent dehydration and to allow the administration of drugs needed to counteract the poison and to make her more comfortable. The next 48 hours would reveal whether or not she could be saved.

Hesitantly I called the animal hospital the next afternoon, fearing the worst, but they said she was still alive and beginning to respond to treatment, thank God. I was relieved.

I had purchased those Flea Drops at a dollar discount store up in BigFlats NY, 3 weeks earlier it is a known brand, just older looking printing as I have seen similar ones in Walmart. It just looked like ones that would be sold in Canada or Mexico as it had other languages on it but the writing was so small that even with my glasses I couldn’t read it. I have checked the local stores and see they do have new labeling that at least has a red warning to not give to cats, but how many pet owners will realize that it can do the type of devastation it does and go ahead and use it anyway?

I have now read online many horror stories of pet owners accidentally poisoning their pets while tried to rid them of fleas~

My son called the Manufacturer after seeing how many other people this has been happening to. The manufacturer said they were sorry it happened but that it happens only to 1:10,000 but that they would be willing to pay the vet bill since they have had similar cases and took care of those as some animals have allergic reactions and some have died. The only thing they needed was the empty tube so they could track down which supplier made it for them.I called the vet to try to get the tube back, but it had already been disposed of!

Next day I called the vet and they said the cat although weak and needing continuing medication could come home. I was so relieved. The problem was that the original estimate was $120 but since she was so severely affected by the poison, the additional treatment brought the 2 day bill up to $485.00 payable on demand or the cat would be held with additional boarding costs til she was totally paid for.

We brought down $220 cash which they accepted and then told us that we had til 5pm to get the rest. I went back to the bank to withdraw the rest, which on a fixed income of only $700 a month and $500 a month rent plus utilities that this emergency has caused yet another emergency ~ a dominoe effect as now I dont have my rent nor can I get my car repaired & inspected and I wont have my cable bill money~!

We arrived at 5:15, they were closed so we waited til next morning and an additional $9 was added for overnite boarding~so if I waited til my next check, the bill would have been an additional $279 on top of the current bill, so I had to use my rent money to pay the vet~!

My summer is shot~ Of course I am delighted my cat has survived and recovering, but now I am faced with the financial aftermath that is equally devastating to my home.

Essex House Cottage, is just a sample of one of my artworks and I will give signed prints of any of my artworks on my site: for any donations to help offset these vet bill costs~! No gimmick, I am desperate this month to raise funds but have all the materials I need to provide any kind help with a gift of equal or greater value than the donation, in appreciation for any help I can get~!

My son called the manufacturer who said to get the vat numbers [as they have this produced overseas from different factories in different countries, just like the bad dog food last year from China that killed many pets, these tubes of poison can be made wrong in other countries too! ] and info from the store we bought it at but they are 50 miles away and my car needs brakes so I cant go there to get it so that virtually means I can not apply for any medical reimbursement.

I have been building an artsite business the last few months and have printing equipment and numerous paintings in print form to sell, but I am only beginning and have not had any substantial sales or orders yet.

I just placed a fundraiser on the top of my site offering to give away my art prints for any donations, but whether that brings help or not I haven’t a clue and only had one response so far from a friend who sent me $20 towards the vet bill. I am so grateful for that friend and she told me that I should tell everyone I can about this terrible poison that kills so many pets annually. I agree and that is what I am doing now, trying to warn others so it doesnt happen to them~!

See this video done by a vet that explains about how this poison affects and kills animals, affecting their central nervous systems and causing excruciating pain and death~!
Cats: Permethrin Poisoning In Cats

This drug has many other names so you might not see it listed on your flea drops but be assured that some derivitive of it is hidden in the ingredients.

Learn the warning signs in any flea remedy you choose to use. hair loss, lack of luster and lythargy can be signs of a mild allergic reaction to both flea drops and flea collars.

Some animals actually develop what looks like a flesh eating disease and lose fur and get horrible sores and raw skin!~

So what is the alternative in flea treatments? Obviously it is to go ‘natural’ seeking out manufacturers that actually care to treat your pet without poisons~! Free Food Supplement
I found this site [but there are more] and as soon as I have the money to do so will buy through them. Their products make a lot more sense then pesticides~!

I should have known better because while rubbing those drops on the cat, my own fingertips became numb and tingly and I got a wierd taste in my mouth. I did wash my hands with dish detergent afterwards. Later in the evening after the cat was in the hospital I noticed I was sick to my stomach and wonder how much was stress and what if that trace I absorbed could have contributed to it. I will never know, nor ever use flea drops again to find out~

So before any treatment for you animal, do the research, you may save your pet’s life and save yourself from a financial breakdown~!


Flea Drops Kill Cats~! Art Fundraiser for lucky survivor~


Accidental Cat Poisoning Its flea and tick season. My dogs
already got fleas and brought them into the house. My cat , who
never goes out, caught the fleas and was itching terribly to get
them off and spreading them as she went from room to room. I found
her on top of my bed and saw 3-4 fleas hop off so I caught and
killed them immediately.

Then I went to get the dog’s flea drop medication and took a small
amount of drops and put them on my cats neck, thinking I was
helping her to get rid of the fleas.

3 hours later she was writhing in pain seizing and convulsing,
foaming at the mouth!I went to pick her up, she bolted and ran into
things crashing her body all over the house and ran into the
bathroom. My son came and caught her and we placed her into a cage
and began calling vets in our area.

Our regular vet was out of town and it was night. One vet called
back and arranged for his tech to meet us at his office and she
began the treatment to try to and save my poor little cat. She is
still going to remain in the hospital til she recovers enough to
come home.

I am not a wealthy person. I live on disability in my small rented
farm house. I work on line, mostly for free helping others since I
am disabled and can not work a regular job.

I have been focusing on my art and trying to establish myself on
the internet with art sales for the last two years now. I began my
business with no money so every cent I have made to date has gone
back into art and online endeavours – paying for shops, auctions,
internet fees and computer repairs as well as art supplies and
printing supplies and needed equipment for my business to grow.

I live very modestly at this point in time since I have no sponsors
or investors in my art business presently.

If any of you who read this are sympathetic to cats as pets and can
afford to assist me in paying my for the emergency care my cat is
undergoing I am going to make a special postcard sale that will go
to funding my cats treatment since this will be very expensive and
she will need follow up care.

Also any donations will be appreciated and used for that as

I am joining with other organizations in making others aware of the
dangers of flea drops on cats.

To think I only used 2 drops and it was devastating to her!
Thankyou~! Ave


IN APPRECIATION for any donation, I WILL to send you FREE GIFTS for
any donation~

I need to raise money to recover the Veterinary bills~!



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I HAVE LOTS OF Art Prints & cards for sale, BUT LITTLE time left as MONEY used for this VET BILL HAD TO BE PAID IMMEDIATELY, THUS I substituted MY RENT MONEY to obtain my cat’s release form the animal hospital as they wouldnt do payments & would have kept her charging additional money for board daily, so I needed to lay out money that was supposed to go to my landlord this week, so I am short terribly as I live on a fixed income, so am gladly letting my art go for this need.